Apple iPhone 15 Pros will Ditch the Mute Sliders for Pressure-sensitive Action Button

Sohail Akhtar

As the anticipation for Apple's iPhone 15 series launch grows, a seemingly minor design alteration seems imminent, potentially changing the user experience forever. The iconic Mute Switch, present on iPhones since the original model's announcement in 2007, is rumored to be replaced by the new Action Button, exclusively on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While the Mute Switch has been a staple of iPhone user experience for years, the Action Button promises a dynamic shift. With a design reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra's Action Button, users can expect programmability, granting customization based on press variations. 

Notably, the Action Button could serve beyond muting, whether it’s activating the camera, Voice Assistant (Siri), or application-specific functions. Leaked information suggests that the Action Button could offer context-specific capabilities, such as half-pressing for autofocusing and full-pressing for capturing photos within the camera app. 

Evident from a code found in iOS 17 beta, the advantages of the Action Button do not remain limited to Apple's default apps; third-party applications might harness this feature, promising a broader, more versatile functionality on the Apple latest iPhone models.

Transitioning from the Mute Switch to the Action Button also addresses practical concerns. The new design enhances water and dust protection while creating more space within the device by eliminating the Mute Switch's bulk.

While changes in familiar features can be jarring, the Action Button's potential enhancements to user experience and functionality make it a logical progression from the Mute Switch. As our relationship with smartphones deepens, the Action Button represents an exciting evolution in our daily interaction with technology.


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