Apple iPhone 15 Pro Overheats Quickly — A Burning Concern for Apple's Newest Prodigy

Sohail Akhtar

September 12 marked Apple's grand unveiling of its iPhone 15 series. As always, the tech giant’s newest prodigies dazzled with stellar features, especially the latest A17 Pro chip nestling in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro variants. However, it appears there might be more sizzle to the story than Apple intended.

Within days of the global launch, the virtual sphere was abuzz. Not just with the usual unboxing euphoria but with a simmering issue – the iPhone 15 Pro's temperature spikes. Users took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss the problem in depth.

A few tech wizards recently reported the phone hitting a scalding 42 degrees, and not after an epic gaming marathon. Simple tasks like a short FaceTime call or breezing through Instagram Reels seemed to leave the phone feeling like a toaster burning through the pocket. 

For some, the heating act carried on even in idle mode. Was it charging? The answer is no. There are also more alarming reports of the device slipping into protective mode to fend off the heat, rendering the device useless mid-sessions.

Enter Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's renowned sleuth, sharing his two cents about the culprit. Possibly the iPhone's sleek new titanium frame. Indeed, it is lighter than its stainless steel predecessor, but it's also infamous for enduring high temperatures. 

Kuo suggests that titanium might be trapping heat instead of dissipating it. And while he hints that sheathing the device in a case might buffer the heat, it's far from a long-term fix.

Slipping a case on could be a makeshift shield from the heat, but it's hardly a solution. Disheartened iPhone 15 Pro owners voicing their grievances to Apple might usher in more substantial fixes. Apple may need to take action soon since the heat issue could overshadow the impressive upgrades brought to the table by the iPhone 15 Pro.


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