Apple iPhone 15 Pro Series Hits Another Snag; Users Report Audio Cracks at High Volume

Sohail Akhtar

Just as we thought Apple's iPhone 15 Pro's heating challenges were settling down, another hiccup has emerged, causing a serious buzz in the tech community. Users of the iPhone 15 series are voicing concerns about speaker glitches. Let us elaborate.

Numerous iPhone 15 enthusiasts on Reddit have pointed out audio distortions when the volume's cranked up. More particularly, the earpiece speaker seems to bear the brunt of the sound breakage, standing out among the complaints.

An early bird who snagged the iPhone 15 Pro Max illustrated the problem, noting, “Once I pumped up the volume after unboxing, there was this odd rattling sound, which almost felt like there was a liquid sloshing about inside. And not just during calls. Play some tunes, push the volume beyond 80%, and bam! There it is again.”

Diving deeper into the iPhone new model, another user highlighted a similar concern and posted on Reddit, reaffirming the issue. “Certain videos or specific frequency spectrums seem to set it off. It's like an unexpected crackle in the audio.”

Popular TikTok content creator ”Milesabovetech” wasn't spared either. Despite Apple's commendable customer service, replacing his phone not once but twice, the hiccup echoed in the replacements. And he's not alone. Several iPhone 15 owners echoed the same sentiment, getting replacements only to encounter the sound problems again.

As the buzz grows louder, Apple enthusiasts and potential buyers are keenly waiting for an official word from the tech giant. The real question remains: Is this a batch issue or a design hiccup that slipped through the cracks? Only time will tell.


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