Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Takes the Top-Seller Crown for Q1 2024

Usama Rasool

Apple iPhone has the worldwide lead again as a best-selling consumer phone. Counterpoint researchers showed in charts that the iPhone 15 Pro Max has crushed it within the global market. Q1 of 2024 has been a very successful run for Apple's handset.

iPhone 15 Pro Max has dethroned the reigning king, iPhone 14. But that only speaks in favor of Apple and its grip on the market. People must've really appreciated the newer upgrades the flagship phone has. The second and third positions, this time around, belong to iPhone 15 and 15 Pro.     

The new Apple iPhone Pro Max models tops the leaderboard with 4.4% market share as compared to the iPhone 15's 4.3%. Samsung has sneaked onto the leaderboard with 5th position. S24 Ultra is above Galaxy A15 and A54 5G, but it is far from the Pro Max with only 1.9% total market share.

The mid-rangers A15 and A54 cling to 6th and 7th ranks. And then there is the iPhone 15 Plus, the worst-selling Apple device in Q1 2024. There's fierce competition in the brands. Samsung and Apple lock their horns tight in top seller listings.

People's hugely preferred platform for Android is still Samsung. It fills the market gaps left by Apple in the lower segments. In the low end (under $500), there is nothing good served by Apple. So, the South Korean giant capitalizes on it with phones like Galaxy A34. You can see it's last on the leaderboard with the 10th post, outranked by a little with Galaxy S24 on 9th spot.


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