Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Delayed Production Could Affect Apple's Rollout Plans

Sohail Akhtar

As Apple's much-anticipated event approaches, rumors surrounding the potential delay of its flagship model, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, persist. According to a leak from X (formerly Twitter) user Revegnus, aka @Tech_Reve, production issues with Sony could lead to a delay of up to four weeks for the device.

This potential delay is particularly notable when contrasted with Apple's previous launches. In 2021, the entire iPhone 13 lineup was released simultaneously on September 24, shortly after its unveiling on September 14.

Ideally, Apple would have followed a similar pattern this year, with plans to release the entire iPhone 15 range, including the Pro Max version, on September 22 after the official launch on September 12. However, if the rumors hold, Apple may adopt the strategy used for last year's iPhone 14 Plus. 

For those unaware, the 14 Plus was announced alongside the 14, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max but was released a month later. Given the current speculation, the iPhone 15 Pro Max may not reach its first consumers until around October 13, despite a planned commercial rollout for the other Apple new iPhone models on September 22.

It's worth noting that any delay for the iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn't spell disaster for its market performance. Buyers will still likely have the chance to obtain the device before popular holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For those debating whether to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, especially given the possibility of a price increase, it would be wise to follow Apple's event on September 12. It will offer a clearer picture, allowing consumers to make an informed choice.


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