Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max With Mind-Blowing 1.55mm Bezel; Will Break Xiaomi 13's Record 1.81mm Chin

Sohail Akhtar

Thin bezels and chins are a growing trend in the smartphone industry. They allow manufacturers to maximize the screen-to-body ratio of their devices so larger displays can fit smaller form factors. Apart from providing a more immersive viewing experience, it gives users a glimpse into the future of smartphone technology.

Apple, this year, might step out of its comfort zone to upgrade the iPhones in that particular category. The prospective Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is abuzz in the tech community with its rumored ultra-thin bezels and bottom chin. 

According to the latest reports from industry insider Ice Universe, the bottom chin of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely measure around 1.55mm, surpassing the current record holder, Xiaomi 13, which has a chin measuring 1.81mm. The phone will take the industry's trend to new heights.

Since the ultra-thin bezels contribute to the device's sleek and modern appearance, Apple will undoubtedly trim the bezels on all 15 series phones. Aside from Ice's report, 9to5Mac has shared the expected dimension of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It will measure 159.9mm x 76.7mm x 8.3mm. The Apple iPhone latest price may change with the release of new models.

In comparison, iPhone 14 Pro Max measures 160.7mm x 77.6mm x 7.85mm, with the bezels at 2.17mm. The stats on the upcoming iPhone seem pretty appealing, mainly the black borders encompassing the screen.

Ice Universe shared some exciting details about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max earlier. According to his tweet, the device is to feature a sleek frosted titanium frame, adding a new level of luxury to the design. 

Additionally, he reported Apple's switch to Type-C, finally moving on from the decade-old lightning port. With all these upgrades in play, Apple indeed has leveled up the excitement among iPhone users. Every tech enthusiast is looking forward to the launch of the 15-series.


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