Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Retain the Old 48MP Sensor and the M12 XDR Screen

Sohail Akhtar

iPhone 14 series is aging. And as their popularity fades, the excitement for the upcoming iPhone 15 series is gaining momentum. Tech_Reve, the infamous leaker, subjected the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max in his latest Tweet and spilled some details that shook the community. 

Contrary to the recent alleged information about iPhone 15 Max, Reve anticipates the newcomer's camera and display technology to parallel with the old iPhone 14 Pro Max. The oncoming handset might not be as much of an upgrade as initially thought. 

Tech_Reve has a proven track record with a well-versed portfolio of leaks. His latest break is likely sourced with credibility. As per the re, iPhone 15 Pro Max will continue to feature the IMX803 camera sensor, a reliable 48MP 1/1.28" Quad-Bayer camera, the same as its forerunner. 

Although no hopes for a significant camera upgrade are realized, the proven performance of the existing IMX803 sensor ensures that photography enthusiasts can still expect impressive image quality from the Apple new iPhone models.

And about the display, Reve claims continued utilization of the M12 OLED panel technology found in the current generation iPhone 14. While the chances of the upgraded display are vanishingly small, it must be realized that the existing Super Retina XDR OLED is well ahead of its time; it can continue to serve users for a long duration.

Additionally, rumors abound of a Type-C port with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as the commonwealth of the EU subjects all electronics in Europe to employ USB-C only. Apple will likely follow the regulations and drop the lighting port once and for all.  


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