Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Might Shatter the Record for Thinnest Screen-Bezel in Existence

Sohail Akhtar

In the realm of product design, the visual distinction between low-end and flagship devices often hinges solely upon the aesthetics of their outermost borders encircling the screen, commonly referred to as the "bezels" — the thinner they are, the more premium the phone is. As good as the Apple products are, their focus has never been on bezels; that might change this year.

As per the renowned insider, Ice Universe, the oncoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely shatter the industry's record for the thinnest bezels —Xiaomi 13 with a 1.81mm screen border. Against that, the S23 Ultra's bezel trim measures 1.95mm, while the current 14 Pro Max measures 2.17mm.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's borders are likely to be 1.55mm wide, Ice says. Design-wise, the slope from iPhone 14 Pro Max to 15 Pro Max is quite steep, especially in bezels. Since no competitor wants to stay behind Apple, the Android manufacturers might also try to push the limits in the bezel-less race.

A few days ago, glass panels of the iPhone 15 series surfaced on the internet in Video. It showcased how the bezels on the standard iPhone 15 variant compare to the iPhone new model. It might play a role in setting vanilla and Pro models apart as premium and semi-premium.


As mentioned, iPhone 15 Pro Max is not the only one getting its screen border trimmed; the standard 15 Pro variant plans to follow suit. Leaked CAD renders show how both phones compare in screen. They have aligned Dynamic Island cutouts and almost identical bezel waists. 

Reportedly, the standard 15 variants will also switch to Dynamic Island screens with comparable sizes; though the ProMotion (120Hz) might remain exclusive to the Pro series. Another fundamental change with this year's unannounced iPhones will be a Type-C port.


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