Apple iPhone 15 Pro Color Options Exposed with High-quality Renders

Sohail Akhtar

Renowned source Ian Zelbo, famed for creating renderings for 9to5Mac, has unveiled a fresh set of mockups for the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro, showcasing the device in expected color options. From the looks of it, we have an exquisite yet familiar color palette to anticipate.

The iPhone 15 Pro renderings showcase four stunning shades: Titan Gray, Silver/White, Dark Blue, and Space Black. There's also speculation about the newly developed green version, while the previously rumored red variant might not debut.

Titan Gray boasts a refined mute tone, distinct from the existing silver/white color yet lighter than space black. Space Black is a classic, timeless choice reminiscing the older generations. Dark Blue will replace the previously touted dark purple. Silver/White will also remain true to its heritage.

While the rumored green version could bring a splash of nature-inspired vibrancy, the potential cancellation of the crimson shade leaves room for surprises. This array of colors marks a departure from the iPhone 14 Pro lineup, with the cancellation of gold and the introduction of Titan Gray as a notable change.

Reports from 9to5Mac suggest that Apple will make careful color adjustments to elevate the iPhone 15 Pro's visual appeal. The upcoming Apple latest iPhone models are poised to captivate users with this refined color palette, offering a diverse range of choices that cater to individual preferences.

As anticipation builds for the iPhone 15 series launch, slated for September 12, enthusiasts can look forward to an extravagant collection of smartphones boasting black, green, blue, yellow, and pink color choices for all the standard variants. 


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