Apple iPhone 15 Pro with Type-C port Appears in a Leaked Real-life Image; Here are all the Details

Sohail Akhtar

Typical to routine, the incoming iPhone 15 lineup is leaking recurrently. As we speak, some credible high-quality renders of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro are roaming the internet, and moments ago, someone posted a real-life closeup shot of the Pro's bottom to confirm it has a Type C. 

The source for this image is a Twitter user with the profile Unknownz21. He has a stellar portfolio with leaks, ultimately forcing the internet to conclude that his latest claim is valid. His image confirms the long-stretched rumor of the lightning port getting removed from the iPhones this year.

For Android users who are unaware, iPhones typically have non-intrusive hollow charging ports compatible only with Apple devices. Type C is slightly modern and standard, with numerous electronic gadgets worldwide. The image shows a stripe going down the middle of the charging port, confirming it's a Type C port on an iPhone. 

Though European Union has forced the Cupertino giant to agree to its terms, users will not find the Type C a significant improvement over the lightning port. Reportedly, the new port on the Apple iPhone new model will bear an E85 Port Controller that will limit its use to some approved Apple accessories — unlike typical Type C that comes with universal compatibility with electronics. 

Charging port aside, the live shot by Unknownz21 confirms that a design change is imminent. The tyranny of Apple's palm-jabbing sharp-edged build for iPhones is at an end. The new design has flat rails around the phone though they are now beveled to favor a comfortable grip.  

The image also verifies that the newcomer Pro holds a titanium frame. The side rails have a matte texture, characterized by most titanium builds like Apple's eight series Ultra watch. There is a long road between now and the actual release of the iPhone 15 lineup; a lot can change between that time. So every leak thus far should be taken with a hint of sarcasm.     


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