Samsung Galaxy S22 Updated with May 2024 Security Patch; Minimal Update, No New Features

Usama Rasool

You must know that the Samsung Galaxy S22 had Android 12 when it started. But we've seen it close and maturing in the last two years. It's up to Android 14 x One UI 6.1 by now. Samsung has proven time and time that they take care of every single unit that they sell. And yes, they do that through regular OTAs with security and feature drops. 

Today's news is about the May 2024 security patch on Galaxy S22. We hear Latin American regions are the ones to get a whiff of this new security update first. Then it hit Galaxy S22 phones in Europe and the USA in the last few weeks. 

We will eventually get access to this update in Pakistan also. 'S90xEXXS9EXE5' is the firmware version people got in Latin America. We know from its previous track that Galaxy S22's latest security patch is less than 1 GB. So, it's not a hard pill to swallow.

They say this single update has fixes for over 45 vulnerabilities of the previous system. There are no gains in performance or any new features. It's purely here to patch those security issues. People must install it by navigating through Samsung's latest S model's Settings > Software Update. Tap Download and Install if the update is available in your region.

Just like we said earlier, Android 12 was the starting point for Galaxy S22. But then it jumped ship after one year to Android 13 One UI 5. The latest system operating in it is One UI 6.1. That's an Android 14 build. We are positive that there's one more update coming to this. And that is Android 15 x One UI 17. 


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