Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Battery and Charging Certified, Smaller Batteries That Still Charge at 25W

Faisal Rasool

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is still many months away, but the manufacturer is already securing product certifications for the phones. The Chinese 3C telecommunication authority signed off the charging and battery specs for the Galaxy S22. Here is what we learned.

Samsung’s charging technology lags behind the industry standard. While Chinese brands like Xiaomi are pushing past 120W, Samsung’s S-series flagships are still limited to 25W. Rumor had it that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will bump that up to 45W. 

The credible phone leaker Ice Universe reported that Samsung is introducing charging speeds as fast as 65W for the S22 range. But the official CCC documentation puts an end to these rumors, all-but-confirming that the S22 caps out at 25W.

The listing shows the three models, the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra under the model numbers “SM-S9010”, “SM-S9060”, and “SM-S9080”, respectively. They support the EP-TA800 charger that first shipped with the Galaxy Note 10 (it maxes out at 25W.) No word on the Samsung mobile price tags yet.

Samsung is also trimming down the battery sizes of the Galaxy S22 range. The standard Galaxy S22 features a 3,800 mAh cell, the S22+ peaks at 4,370 mAh, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra uses a 4,855 mAh cell. It’s a downgrade compared to the 4800 mAh and 5000 mAh batteries seen in the previous generation.

Naturally, the Galaxy S22 will not ship with this charger in the box. Starting with the S21 series, Samsung has been leaving the charger out of the retail box of their flagship phones.


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