Apple iPhone 14 Series to Relaunch in Yellow Finish Next Week; Here are some Previews

Sohail Akhtar

A few months after the iPhone 13 series release, Apple re-introduced the entire 13-lineup in a brand-new green finish. The same is about to happen with the iPhone 14 lineup. Apple will soon announce the latest iPhones in a new color. Here’s everything we know about it.

Setsuna, a Chinese leaker on Weibo, recently touted the iPhone 14 lineup in a yellow finish. However, the claim lacked evidence. 9to5Mac, the ever-reliable Apple leaker, confirms the yellow iPhone lineup is under R&D. Sourcing insider reports, MacRumors has also discovered that Apple is planning a product briefing next week.

The iPhone 13 lineup in Green finish came out last year on March 8th. iPhone 14 series following in the footsteps, is likely to unveil its yellow finish on the same date. Midway through their 12-month tenure, iPhones tend to reappear in new colors. The base 13 and 13 Mini had simple Green colors, while the 13 Pro and Pro Max had slightly changed Alpine Green finishes. 

There is no report on the color variations between the new vanilla and Pro models; However, Apple is likely to diversify the 14/14 Plus and 14 Pro/14 Pro Max using lighter or darker shades of Yellow. The iPhone latest price is also expected to be announced soon.

Speculations might be correct; Yellow iPhones have appeared in the past. It will not be the first for Apple to do so; we saw it happen before on iPhone 11, XR, and 5C in 2013. Apple has yet to confirm the new finish. As with every pre-launch news on iPhones, we suggest taking this report with a hint of sarcasm.


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