Apple iPhone 14 Pro Purple and Blue Color Options Exposed via Dummies

Sohail Akhtar

A concrete timeline for Apple Inc's iPhone 14-lineup debut has finally surfaced. The newly manufactured iPhone 14 mini, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max will hit the spotlight on September 7th. With the debut inching toward the finish line, the iPhone 14 stack is hitting the headlines right and left on every tech blog.

Naturally, avoiding the crosshairs of industrial leakers isn't easy with such an anticipated launch. The leakers have eyes on Apple's every tiny movement and are not scared to spill the beans. Because of an infamous Chinese tipster on Weibo, Apple's surprise reveal of new color addition for iPhone 14 handsets is already spoiled.

It seems that iPhone 14 Pro dummies (intended for drawing screen protectors & phone case dimensions) also exposed the new entry Blue and Purple color variants alongside Apple's typical Graphite, Gold, and Silver options. These surreal dummies first appeared in images featured on Weibo and gave away the whole color palette of unreleased iPhones.

The antenna bands in darker shades like Purple on iPhone 14 Pro are lighter white in contrast, which is new-fashioned for Apple. It's also worth pointing out that the recent surprise color addition is not so new. Leakers anticipated this color addition months ago when apple debuted the purple paint on the MacBook 24-inch, iPhone 12 & 12 min, and iPad Air 5th Gen.

The rumors about color shifting back seem plausible as well. Just remember, the dummies of the Apple iPhone new models in the picture are scale-to-scale replicas made of plastic, not actual depictions of the phone's appearance. The material on these replicas cannot canvas the whole aesthetic vibe of the real iPhones.

But still, the measurements seem accurate for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro camera units, which are slightly bigger than last year and point to a 48MP sensor mounted on these humongous lenses.

Both Blue and Purple color tones on iPhone 14 Pro are breathtaking and unique. And will certainly make things interesting for this year's spotlight event by Apple Inc.


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