The OnePlus 9 Pro Will Use Next-gen, Low-power LTPO Displays, Says a New Leak

Faisal Rasool

According to industry sources in the know, OnePlus is launching its latest OnePlus 9 series in mid-March. The leaks surrounding the series have uncovered many key specs. OnePlus 9 Pro was even featured in a hands-on video. More details of its display surfaced online yesterday.

Max Jambor, a Twitter-based phone leaker, tweets that the OnePlus 9 Pro uses LTPO technology. It was first developed and used by Apple in their smartwatches. 

Without getting too technical, this is essentially what makes an LTPO different: instead of the traditional blend of LTPS and TFTs that is widely used in OLED and LCDs across the industry, the LTPO backplane has a new kind of “oxide TFTs” called IGZO. The result is a  low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display (LTPO) that is far more efficient than the standard OLED.

High screen refresh rates are now more common than ever, but they come with a caveat; the feature is a battery hog. But thanks to its advanced LTPO panel, the OnePlus 9 Pro can seamlessly (and dramatically) adjust its refresh rate.

When it’s not being interacted with, the screen only has to refresh once every minute. Similarly, the rate is bumped up depending on the content being rendered. In simple words, this low-power display won’t drain your battery as much even when its refresh rate is set to max.

Going by the previous leaks, the OnePlus 9 Pro has a 6.78” hole-punch screen. Its resolution peaks at 1440P, and it refreshes at a smooth, adaptive 120Hz.


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