Huawei P50: Development Underway, Will Feature an Even More Powerful Camera

Faisal Rasool

Huawei might have wrapped up the Huawei P40 series launch earlier in March, but the development for the next-gen Huawei P50 is already underway. The P50 will debut next spring, reveals the General Manager of the Huawei P lineup, Wang Yonggang.

Mr. Yonggang made a guest appearance at the show 'Flip!', where he pointed out some of the bleeding-edge features of the upcoming Huawei P50 Pro. He notes that the flagship series is crafted with a focus on design and camera performance.

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The original P6 had a 'brushstroke' pattern painted on its boxy build, while the P20 introduced the world to the trend of gradient duotone. The P30 built on that design language by polishing the rear-facing panel to create a mirror effect. The latest P40 family took a different turn – using nanocrystalline ceramic to make the shell evermore sleeker.

The cameras seen in this series tell a story of innovation. Created in collaboration with Leica, the P9 featured a dual-camera array, which was the first smartphone with a monochrome sensor. The P10 and P20 were the trailblazers in terms of AI-augmented camera systems, while the P30 introduced a telephoto camera. The still-recent P40 series packs a whopping 10x optical zoom, 20x hybrid zoom, and up to 100x digital zoom – not to mention it ranks on top of DxOMark's camera listings.

If you go by that history, the upcoming P50 series should have a fresh, innovative design and camera in store for us. Speculation has it that the yet-to-be-announced 5nm Kirin 1000 processor could power it.

The interviewee further detailed R & D's process for the P-series flagships, which takes eighteen months from inception to the release in March. Given that we're well into June, Huawei would have had the P50 in the works before the P40 even hit the stores. Evidently, it's too early for the leaks and rumors to pour in, but we should have the beginnings of what the P50 would like by the time the Mate 40 launches.


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