Customer's Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Catches on Fire, But It's Not Another Galaxy Note 7 Scenario

Faisal Rasool

Who doesn’t remember the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? The faulty batteries inside the Note 7 overheated and exploded, triggering a global recall. Samsung has managed to steer clear of a debacle of these proportions but, now and then, an isolated event brings back the memories of the Note 7. One such incident was caught on film when a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (from Samsung’s latest flagship line) caught on fire.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is seen leaking a plume of white smoke out of a heavily damaged cover screen. The foldable phone belongs to Chad Christian, who reported his experience on Twitter. It comes only weeks after a Galaxy A21 went up in flames, forcing a plane evacuation. 

Mr. Christian notes that his Galaxy Z Fold3 fell off a bike earlier, sustaining some damage. The phone came back from the Samsung Repair Center demanding to be shipped back to the company for a replacement. While he was packaging the device for the mail, the Fold burst into flames. 

The customer suspects the fall might have punctured the battery, leading to the incident. So it’s an isolated event and not an episode like the Galaxy Note 7. A damaged or swollen battery is a hazard for any smartphone, not just the Galaxy Z Fold3. To continue using and charging such a device is a hazard to your safety.

It also brings up the possibility of the phone igniting like this during shipping, which is another risk entirely. Samsung Support was quick to respond to Mr. Christian’s tweets. A dedicated team has been assigned to collect the burnt device to send him a replacement.


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