Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Featured in New Concept Renders; Under-display Camera and S-pen Support

Faisal Rasool

Ben Geskin, a Twitter-based phone leaker, recently published a concept mockup of the third-generation Galaxy Fold. The source notes that the design depicts his vision of the "Galaxy Fold 3 Ultra", but it’s not a prediction. However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 seen in this image aligns perfectly with the latest leaks and rumors.

In Mr. Geskin’s rendition, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 features the wrap-around camera plate that Samsung introduced with the new Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s shown with the same quad-camera and laser AF system as the Ultra, but the final product will likely use a trimmed down array. Perhaps by leaving out the periscope-telephoto camera to save space. 

More to the point, the form factor remains unchanged. If the Z Fold 3 design seen here is anywhere close to final, Samsung is sticking to their inward folding layout. In simpler terms, it’ll have to be designed around the problems inherent to this form factor — two screens with different aspect ratios and refresh rates, two sets of cameras, and the infamous crease.

When they were reached out for comment on the end of Galaxy Note prediction, Samsung mobile confirmed they’re bringing the S-pen experience to more devices. After the S21 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 should be next. But the Ultra is only compatible with the S-pen, and it lacks a dedicated slot to house it. You can expect the Z Fold 3 to adopt a similar synergy with the stylus.

Conflicting speculation also suggests that since the upcoming Fold has slightly smaller displays, Samsung might be shrinking the screens to make room for the S-pen inside the device’s body.

Lastly, the Z Fold 3 seen in the concept has an under-display camera. Rumor has it that Samsung had plans to incorporate this novel technology in the S21, but they were later scrapped because of production issues. Could the Galaxy Z Fold 3 be the first Samsung to introduce it later this year?


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