Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Variant Confirmed; Signed Off by Bluetooth SIG Authority

Faisal Rasool

Though multiple reports from industry analysts declared that the upcoming Note 20 series will not feature an ‘Ultra’ edition, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been signed off by the Bluetooth SIG certification — pretty much confirming that the Note 20 Ultra will, in fact, be making a debut alongside the Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra appears on the Bluetooth listing under the model number SM-N986U. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us any details about the phone itself. But we do have bits and pieces to inform us of the phone’s alleged specifications.

The same model had also been tested by Geekbench and its Chinese variant, titled SM-N9860, has also passed through a Chinese certification authority. Based on the information already made public, the Note 20 Ultra will be powered by a Snapdragon 865+ chipset and 25W fast charging support.

More to the point, it doesn’t conclusively point to the editions the upcoming series might feature. Samsung might release the Note 20+ as Note 20 Ultra – as per earlier predictions. Or it might release the three versions, following the S20 suit. The model number seen in the listing might be a guide to that. The S20+ was dubbed SM-G986, and the ‘986’ character is shared with the Note 20 Ultra model number – suggesting that Samsung is introducing the Note 20+ as Note Ultra, after all.

At any rate, it does confirm that there will be a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. We should have more details as the August launch for the Note 20 series nears.


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