Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series Updated with July 2023 Security Patch

Sohail Akhtar

Farewell, beloved Galaxy Note series. Samsung has discarded its iconic Note lineup but didn’t forget the promise of security updates. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series has started receiving the July 2023 security update, following closely on the heels of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 10 series.

The latest software update, sporting the firmware version N985FXXS7HWG2, has started disseminating in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. But fear not, Note enthusiasts! The update will likely roll out into most global markets by the end of this month. So, hold on tight!

The security patch focuses on enhancing the device security, tackling over 90 vulnerabilities in the previous software version. While it doesn't bring any fancy new features or performance improvements, rest assured, it will give you an upper hand against potential threats.

If you are a proud Galaxy Note 20 series phone owner in the mentioned countries or residing in Pakistan, you should head to the Settings menu. Navigate to "Software update" and hit the “Check for Updates” button. Once available, you will get the prompt to "Download and install" the update for your Samsung latest Note mobile.

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate the journey of the Galaxy Note 20 series. It first graced us with Android 10, then danced its way to Android 11 in late 2020, and indulged users with Android 12 in 2021. Finally, in late 2022, Samsung pumped it with the much-anticipated Android 13 update. The lineup has had an impressive run. 

So, dear Galaxy Note 20 series owners, keep your eyes peeled for the July 2023 security patch coming to your devices soon. Samsung's commitment to your security remains steadfast, even with the long-forgotten NOTE lineup, and the service will keep going until the final chapter. 


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