Infinix Zero X Neo Certified on Google Play Console; Features Chipset, Display, and RAM Specs

Faisal Rasool

Infinix Zero X made headlines when it was suspected to be a concept phone early this summer. But the Zero X is, in fact, the sequel to last year’s Zero 8 series, featuring the standard Zero X and the Zero X Neo. And Infinix secured a Google certification for the Zero X Neo.

You can find the Infinix Zero X Neo on the Google Play Console database under the model number ‘X6810.’ The document contains a front preview of the Zero X Neo and a few system specs. The phone has a flat display with a hole punched through its center.

The screen delivers a full HD resolution and fills a pixel density of 480 PPI. MediaTek Helio G90, from the line of budget gaming chips, powers the Infinix Zero X Neo. 8GB of memory joins the chip (a 6GB edition could also be in the works.) The latest Android11 runs on the phone out of the box.

The handset is expected to be added soon to the Infinix price list. In June, the Zero X Neo title was also signed off by the Bluetooth SIG authority under the same model number. SIRIM, the Malaysian certification website, also certified the X6810. But it lists the phone as Infinix Zero M. The Geekbench benchmarks specify the MediaTek Helio G95 for the Zero M.

Other than the Zero M/Neo and Zero X, the Infinix Zero X also comes in a ‘Pro’ edition. No official details have surfaced yet but since the series is being certified, the launch shouldn’t be far off.


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