Huawei P50 Series is Debuting Towards the End of July with LTE Snapdragon 888 Chips

Faisal Rasool

At their most recent HarmonyOS event, Huawei unveiled their latest P-series flagships, the P50 line. It’s the first from the brand to feature a 1-inch camera sensor made by Sony. While the Huawei P50 Series has already been announced, Huawei officials didn’t announce a launch date or give availability details. In the meantime, a source from China leaked the alleged launch timeline for the P50.

The leak surfaced on the Chinese microblogging website, Weibo. The P50 series, featuring the Huawei P50 Pro, the standard P50, and P50 Pro+, will make its formal debut on July 29. This date was playfully encoded in binary form, “1011011001.”

Because of the ongoing chip shortage and sanctions on Huawei, the P50 series has seen its release delayed. Reportedly, the lineup is powered by 4G versions of cutting-edge flagship chipsets, either Huawei’s own Kirin silicon or supplied by Qualcomm (under the new deal struck with the U.S. government.) The launch will be held off until the Snapdragon 888 LTE comes out.

The cameras, as always, are the highlight of this new P-series. The P50 Pro+ will be a valuable addition to the Huawei price list and is rumored to feature no less than five cameras: it has a 1-inch Sony IMX800 sensor behind its main camera, an ultrawide lens with the largest sensor on any Huawei yet, a telephoto lens, a periscope-style zoom camera, and a ToF sensor for depth-mapping.

Huawei P50 lacks the periscope and ToF cameras, opting instead for a wide, ultrawide, and telephoto array. The P50 Pro only uses periscope, ultrawide, and wide lenses.


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