Xiaomi 14 Pro Reported with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, 5000mAh battery & 120W Charging

Sohail Akhtar

The rumor mill’s abuzz with another beastly handset dubbed Xiaomi 14 Pro. Although the launch is far away, speculative reports about the device have started gaining momentum. The latest is from Digital Chat Station, who’s uncovered exquisite details about the device. Let’s have a quick look.

Xiaomi 13 Pro has been roaming the global markets for almost five months. While its popularity is yet to fade, the successor, Xiaomi 14 Pro, is already making headlines. DCS takes it to Weibo and spills the phone’s SoC, battery, and charging stats.

According to re, the MI 14 Pro secures the unannounced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. Reported to feature an ultra-fast prime Cortex-X4 core, the CPU will flex clock speeds at a whopping 3.7GHz. The architecture will follow a 1+5+2 configuration. 

As for the battery allied with the SoC, Xiaomi fans can expect a full-fledged 5000mAh capacity, unlike the Xiaomi latest 5G mobile that sports 4820 mAh. The informant also predicts that the battery has 50W wireless charging support, similar to what we saw on the old model.

The chain advertises 36 minutes of charging time with their 50W wireless Qi charging, that is, if you buy their charging stand separately. Additionally, the leak suggests that the device will feature two standards for wired fast charging—90W and 120W. 

Based on the available information, Xiaomi 14 Pro is poised to introduce a notable improvement to its camera module by incorporating the advanced WLG High-Lens cameras. As for its design, the Xiaomi 14 Pro will be released in two versions: one with a flat display and another with a curved display — the charging standard will vary on both variants.


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