Xiaomi 14 Pro Leaks with the Screen Design; Expect Razor-thin Bezels & Unifrom Display

Sohail Akhtar

Xiaomi 13 Pro ranks second to the highest-end flagship by the Chinese manufacturer. While the handset is considered up-to-date in the current smartphone landscape, it wouldn’t take long for the competitors to surpass its hardware. Recognizing the situation, the company has proactively devised a successor that will outshine rivals even in the future.

The successor, branded as the Xiaomi 14 Pro, is already making headlines in the industry media. It appears that the product’s final design is ready, and today, we have the first-ever glimpse of the alleged Xiaomi 14 Pro compared side-by-side with its predecessor.  

Xiaomi intends to leap forward with its display technology. With their upcoming flagship, the company aims to minimize bezels to their utmost extent. Although the Xiaomi 13 Pro already boasts relatively thin bezels, leaked images suggest an even sleeker front profile on the MI 14 Pro, promising an awe-inspiring visual experience.

Ensuring symmetrical bezels throughout the device, Xiaomi intends to make a harmonious and immersive display. Notably, the leaked model hints at a subtly curved screen, a feature reminiscent of the current Xiaomi 13. Moreover, the corners of the upcoming Xiaomi 5G latest mobile are more pronounced and rounded, in contrast to the smaller, angled corners of the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

As for the underlying nuances, Xiaomi 14 Pro will likely feature Qualcomm's highly-anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. With the processor scheduled for release towards the end of the year, speculations shed light on a similar timeline for the Xiaomi 14 series. If all goes as planned, eager enthusiasts may even witness the launch before the end of 2023.


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