Realme 9 5G and 9 5G SE Are Debuting Worldwide on March 10; Key Details Revealed

Faisal Rasool

The current Realme 9 series features the Realme 9i, 9 Pro, and 9 Pro+. It’s only missing the standard Realme 9, and the manufacturer will soon round the lineup off with two new Realme 9 editions — the Realme 9 5G and Realme 9 5G SE.

The official website has published a dedicated landing page for the upcoming Realme 9 series. It teases the performance and display of the Realme 9 5G and Realme 9 5G SE. Here’s what the promos tell us.

Realme will unveil the duo on March 10, 2022. You can catch the presumably virtual event at 12:30 PM. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G and MediaTek Dimensity 810 chips are at the heart of these phones. 

Although it’s unclear which engine belongs to which phone, both offer next-gen dual SIM 5G. Realme's latest smartphone models are built on 6nm process nodes, offering up to 40% CPU and GPU performance gains while cutting back on power consumption. 

The Realme 9 5G and Realme 9 5G SE deviate from the rest of the Realme 9 series in their design. Where the Pro Realme 9 models match the modern aesthetic language of Realme GT phones, the Realme 9 5G and Realme 9 5G SE rock a less consistent look. The two phones feature metal railings 8.5mm thick and house thumbprint scanners that double as the power button. Both have a shimmery, holographic, almost iridescent finish crafted from a multilayered UV exposed casing. Please also note that Only the 4G variant of Realme 9 will hit the Pakistani market by April.

The Realme 9 5G SE has the smoothest display in the Realme number series, at least on paper. Its refresh rate can climb up to 144Hz. Realme doesn’t specify it, but we expect IPS LCD panels on these phones.


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