Vivo X70 Pro+ Featured in High-quality Press Mockups; Redesigned Camera Plate and Curved Screen

Faisal Rasool

Following the leaked press renders featuring the Vivo X70 and X70 Pro, the prolific phone leaker @OnLeaks has published the X70 Pro+ product mockups. The report also contains detailed specifications for this premium, top-end Vivo flagship.

2021 is the year of the most elaborate, oversized camera housings. Both Samsung and Xiaomi introduced flagships with camera islands that stretch almost (if not all the way) the entire width of the backplate. Vivo is jumping on this trend with the Vivo X70 Pro+. We’re looking at a camera island that covers 1/3rd of the phone’s shell.

The camera cluster lives on top of a squarish black accent, containing three lenses, an LED flash, a laser AF module, and ZEISS branding. Their specs remain under wraps for now, but at least one camera is of the periscope-telephoto variety for extended lossless zooming. The blank accent, like the Mi 11 Ultra, could be home to a small cover screen.

On the flip side, the display has a subtle curve along the edges. It features a tiny O-hole cutout and an in-display fingerprint scanner. We’re reportedly looking at a 6.7” panel (the largest in the trio.) The chin seems to have been trimmed off even further, contributing to an even, uniform bezel design. 

The press images showcase the X70 Pro+ in one matte gray finish, presumably on a faux-leather back, or Vegan Leather as Vivo likes to call it. As the camera hump would indicate, the X70 Pro+ has a lot of heft to it. The frame is 9mm thick, 11.3mm if you count the camera plate.

For the Vivo X70 pro and the standard X70, The manufacturer is switching to MediaTek silicon. But the X70 Pro+ (like its predecessor) still runs on the latest flagship Qualcomm chip — the Snapdragon 888. The phone works with 12GB/8GB of memory, the latest Android11, and 65W quick-charging. No official teasers have been released yet, but the X70 series reportedly debuts in September 2021.


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