Samsung Galaxy S25 May Use the Same Lousy 4,000 mAh Battery as Galaxy S24

Usama Rasool

Is the Galaxy S series battery getting any better next time? Well, if we believe the leaks, the answer is no. Last night, a leak hit our radar. And the subject was ‘Galaxy S25 battery capacity.’ People who use vanilla Galaxy S phones know how painfully low the battery size is. Galaxy S24 was no better at 4000 mAh, and now we hear Galaxy S25 will be the same.

Samsung does things differently. They tend to rely on the SoC efficiency more than the size of those Lithium cells. From S20 to S21, there were 4000 mAh batteries. Then we saw them switch to 3700 mAh with S22 and 3900 mAh with S23. They upgraded it this year, and the Galaxy S24 has 4000 mAh. 

That pattern means only one thing. Galaxy S25 will double down on that heritage and repeat the same 4000 mAh capacity that S24 had last time. But don’t let one thing slip out of your mind. If the SoC is more efficient, the battery life will rise slightly.

We have heard some rumors about other ways the battery will improve. Galaxy AI is growing big. It helps with fun features for now. But they may have realized its potential for better hardware utility. There are rumors out there about next-level AI battery optimization in the Samsung new 5G smartphone.

Samsung will use algorithms and learning behavior. It will affect how much battery goes where for how much time. We aren’t exactly sure how it will work. But there is much build-up around that feature. We hope their AI will save Galaxy S25’s battery, even if it has a lousy battery size.


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