Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra has Upgraded Cameras, Galaxy S25 and S25 Plus Don't

Usama Rasool

Samsung may be playing it too safe now. Sure, their Ultra phones excel and innovate slightly every generation. But it’s almost a total stop for ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Plus’ models. And that routine isn’t going anywhere in that new S25 lineup. GalaxyClub found some hints about the Galaxy S25 series camera specs. And they are not looking great for S25 and S25+.

Let us break down the report for you. We are possibly getting one 200 MP first camera. Then, the upgrades pile on with 50 MP ultrawide, 50 MP 3x telephoto, and 50 MP 5x telephoto shooters. That’s the kind of setup photographers will drool over.

It’s the right direction for the S25 Ultra. Not so for the S25 and S25 Plus. Get this. Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25 Plus have the same old 12 MP selfie cam. There will be one 50 MP commanding unit, 10 MP telephoto, and 12 MP ultrawide. Their report says it’s almost the fourth generation in a row to have this setup.

Samsung's upcoming 5G models will be a huge letdown. But only if that report’s legit. It’s obviously too soon to assume anything. Still, there's a pattern to how they operate. And it’s become predictable over time. That report could be a breakthrough. 

These rumors are not only about cameras. But there’s much speculation about the Galaxy S25’s battery. We reported how the S25 has the same battery as the current S24 at 4000mAh. That’s even more undeserving of a flagship title. But these claims don’t come with proof, so we digress.


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