Samsung Galaxy S21 Won't Have an Under-Display Camera; The technology Could Debut with Galaxy Z Fold 3

Faisal Rasool

We've been hearing rumors floating on the web, speculating that the Korean's next big flagship release aka the Samsung Galaxy S21 will introduce under-display camera technology. It was supposedly debuting next season until the Korean publication, The Elec, shot the rumors down. 

Before the Galaxy S20 lineup, Samsung already had plans to introduce the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the revolutionary tech, but the feature wasn’t ready because of poor lighting. In theory, the part of the screen covering the front camera needs to allow for enough light to pass through to expose the sensor.

But arranging the pixels so that they let sufficient light transmit is the biggest challenge. The publication notes that Samsung’s next-gen under-display camera isn’t ready for production yet either — discrediting Ice Universe’s claims that the S21 will be a true all-screen phone.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S21, many OEMs have been experimenting with the novel concept. OPPO and Xiaomi have showcased working prototypes already, and HMD Global’s Nokia allegedly has the new Nokia 9.3 PureView in the works with an under-display camera. They’re far from viable of course, but if HMD Global has the technology perfected, it might be able to beat Samsung to the punch. 

Even if Samsung isn’t first-to-market with an under-display camera of its own, we might see next year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 debut with an all-screen display, powered by an invisible camera. At any rate, next year’s Galaxy S21 flagship will have an O-hole design yet again, in all possibility.


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