Xiaomi 15 and Some Other Chinese Phones get Clearance from EEC; Have a Look

Usama Rasool

Xiaomi has a bunch of new smartphones in the bank. You will shortly see each of them in headlines doing their routine debuts. But before that, like always, we are finding them pass certifications. Some of them are far away, but some of these models may be close to their unveiling, such as the Xiaomi 15.

Xiaomi 15 is among them. It's clear now for a European launch. We say that because it came to our attention in a document signed officially by EEC. It also procured the seat in the IMEI database before this. This one's model number is '24129PN74G.' So, if you see it in any news or social media, they are probably gossiping about Xiaomi 15.

There are three more phones that we saw. But they are from Xiaomi subdivisions Poco and Redmi. EEC cleared those three with model numbers 2410FPCC5G, 2409BRN2CA, and 2409BRN2CY. One is from Poco, and two are from Redmi. EEC didn't rat out their names, unluckily.

Details by EEC are lackluster most of the time. So we were not surprised. The Xiaomi 5G new model is the major player among all these. This one has some interesting rumors going around about it. The first one is kind of obvious. It's going to have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 at the hull. 

It's good news for some and bad news for others. Digital Chat Station says that chipset prices are going up. And they are taking up the phone prices with them. Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is arguably the most expensive SoC in the making by Qualcomm. For sure, it will affect the Xiaomi 15 series price. 


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