Samsung Galaxy A55 Benchmark Reveals Exynos 1480 x AMD GPU, 8GB RAM, and Android 14

Sohail Akhtar

With Samsung's upcoming mid-range marvel, the Galaxy A55, a few months away, tech enthusiasts are treated with a benchmark sighting that unravels some key specifications. Set to succeed the Galaxy A54, the A55's standout feature is undoubtedly its new Exynos chipset. Here’s what you should expect from this device.

At the heart of the Galaxy A55 lies the Exynos 1480 SoC, marking Samsung's foray into the market with an AMD GPU. The Xclipse 530 GPU, based on the AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture (akin to last year's Exynos 2200), promises a significant leap in graphics performance, albeit not as cutting-edge as the GPU expected for Galaxy S24's Exynos 2400.

While the benchmark scores for the Exynos 1480 suggest incremental gains in CPU performance, further optimizations in graphics may unfold as the development continues. The listing also showcased its memory configuration, confirming 8GB of RAM.

Anticipating different user needs, variants with 4GB or 6GB of RAM may also be in the works. Software-wise, the Samsung new 5G mobile will likely debut with Android 14 and One UI 6.1 out of the box, potentially incorporating some of the AI features from the Galaxy S24 series.

As for the launch timeline, Samsung is mum on the specifics, but industry watchers speculate that the Galaxy A55 debut might be off in March. It aligns with the release pattern of its predecessor, the A54, earlier this year. The timeline fits neatly since the launch of the S24 series is planned for the first two months of 2024.


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