Samsung Galaxy A23 Updated with One UI 6.1 x April 2024 Security Package

Usama Rasool

There’s chatter on the internet about the Galaxy A23 5G’s late but still official One UI 6.1 update. It would’ve been a piece of old news. But they were too busy updating the Verizon version of A23 in the US. So, they moved up the timeline for its global alternatives. As soon as the 5G variant is done, Samsung will broadcast One UI 6.1 to Galaxy A23 4G.

There will be a different One UI 6.1 firmware for the A23 4G available in Pakistan. But first, the 5G model is completing rounds overseas, so we’ll have to wait for our turn. One UI 6.1 spotted by SamMobile is also a security package with an April 2024 patch. That means if you install One UI 6.1 on your A23. That patch will come with it. 

‘A236EXXU5EXDA’ is the firmware they noted in the changelog. When it’s available, there will be an alert, or you’ll have to check for updates manually. Go to Settings for that. Tap Software Update at the bottom of the menu. Then ‘Check For Updates.’

If there’s an update available, there will be a Download and Install button right where the changelog usually is. Tap on it, wait a bit, and let the Samsung budget new mobile reboot. Your phone will welcome you back to a mint One UI 6.1 firmware. We advise you to have a stable WiFi connection to download it.

There are some new features on Galaxy A23 (after the update), sure. But none of the AI features. All we know is that you can edit videos and images more profoundly through that default Gallery. You can customize the UI even more. Still, the focus change you should know is more data protection and battery health. 


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