Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Maintenance Made Easy; Teardown Video Shows Repairability Features

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung Galaxy phones boast high-quality builds and moderately serviceable PCB construction. These phones are endurance-oriented and point-focused on robustness, so pulling them apart is challenging, making maintenance tricky. Samsung's new Galaxy A14 5G puts some ease into the process.

By design, Galaxy phones use a strong adhesive under the battery for a stronger hold. Prying it from the frame for replacement requires sharp tools or a heat gun to loosen that hold, both of which involve the risk of damage. A new teardown video has surfaced on the web, demonstrating Samsung Galaxy A14-5G's anatomy and the new battery replacement feature Samsung plans to extend to all future devices.

During maintenance, instead of prying or heating the adhesive, one can easily pull the battery barehanded, thanks to that reusable adhesive pouch at the phone's belly. While it isn't a big deal for everyday folks, DIY enthusiasts and repairers certainly appreciate the new pull-out battery design.

The adhesive pouch stays inside when the battery is pulled and sticks to the replacement unit when placed on top. Galaxy A14 5 G's repairability score is 8/10, owing to the new and better-serviceable construction. Overall you can repair the handset at an affordable Samsung phone price

In addition to its almost flat-edged shell and circular cutouts for the rear-facing cameras, the Galaxy A14 5G uses flexible polycarbonate material for the back panel. Video from PBK reviews demonstrates the start-to-end teardown process revealing its hardware. Its specs assembly includes a primary 50MP camera assisted with depth and macro shooters. 

It features a 13MP selfie camera under the drop notch. The visor is 6.6-inch with a 90Hz refresh rate, and at the core lies either a Mediatek Dimensity 700 or Exynos 1330. On the side, Galaxy A14 5G has a biometric ID, just like its ancestor, the A13. Samsung Galaxy A13 4G's current price is Rs 48,499.


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