Samsung Galaxy A14, A34, and A54 Enterprise Suite Launches; More Security with Knox Premium

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung has officially landed the Enterprise suite for its latest Galaxy A-lineup, better known as Galaxy A14, Galaxy A34, and Samsung Galaxy A54. The latest corporate-focused devices come bundled with a one-year subscription to Knox, protecting users against malicious perils.

The latest devices commence retail in Australia, where each Galaxy A14 will start at 219 USD, and each Galaxy A54 will cost 465 USD, with additional benefits. Let’s take a deep dive into their inventory.

To maintain the devices' tenacity against evolving threats, Samsung guarantees prompt security updates of up to five years, encompassing major Android OS updates. The phones start at Android 13 x One UI 5 right out of the box. Remote technical support for two years sweetens the deal even more. 

As a bonus, Samsung's Latest 4G Mobile, Enterprise Galaxy A14, Enterprise Galaxy A34, and Enterprise Galaxy A54 serve a 6-month subscription to Microsoft 365's basic package, boosting productivity and cutting software costs for your corporation. Shared access to online clouds also becomes easy with 1TB of free storage on OneDrive.

Only trusted partners will ship Enterprise Edition phones in Australia, including CompNow, JB Hi-Fi Commercial, and RTV Computers. Placing a premium on safeguarding data and managing devices, Samsung's Enterprise models provide a formidable security solution with multi-layered protection against the scourge of cyber threats, malware, and hacking attempts.

The strategy boasts similarities to Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra Enterprise edition duo, launched two months ago in AU, with extreme benefits tailored to business needs. Despite offering advanced security features and robust mobile management tools, Samsung manages to keep the cost of its new A-devices affordable.

The Enterprise A54 boasts a 699 AUD tag, converting to ~132,000 PKR, while Galaxy A14 makes for a much more affordable option at 329 AUD, ~62,000 PKR. Note that all Enterprise offerings have equally impressive features as their retail-based counterparts for the general public. 


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