Samsung Galaxy A05s Updated with One UI 6.1 and May 2024 Security Package

Usama Rasool

Samsung Galaxy A05s may be the cheapest in the bunch. But that doesn’t change how committed they are to its longevity. We hear now that it’s getting the One UI 6.1 update. But don’t get caught up in the name. It’s simply a feature drop over the old One UI 6.    

They are broadcasting it in Asia and South Africa at the moment. That must mean it will reach Pakistan in no time. If you’re a proud owner of Galaxy A05s, there’s a firmware code ‘A057FXXU3CXE6’ in the changelog that will help you spot the update.  

People in Tunisia are picking up that update as we speak. You simply need to go to the settings in your A05s. Scroll to the bottom and tap Software update. And when they unlock One UI 6.1 firmware in Pakistan. There will be an update pop right after you tap Check for Updates.   

Once it’s available and the changelog appears, you must download, install, and reboot. And voilà, you’ll be inside your Mint One UI 6.1 operating system. Like always, they’ve tried to make it more secure than before. There’s a May 2024 security package for your Samsung's latest budget smartphone inside the update. And we hear that it cures over 45 security ailments.

Because it is after all, a feature drop, there are many other things you can look forward to. Image and video editing has some bonus options post update with their default gallery. We should be able to customize the UI more in the future. Galaxy A05s battery now has tons more options to protect longevity. Share content tiles are another thing they now allow to customize.


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