Samsung Galaxy A05s Prices Dropped in Pakistan; Massive Discounts on 4GB & 6GB Variants

Usama Rasool

You all know the Samsung Galaxy A05s, right? It’s been around in our market for many months. As it stands now, it’s falling way behind the competition. And we know the main culprit has been its price. It’s not the worst option in the segment. And honestly, it’s not the best either. But the price cuts they announced yesterday. It changes things dramatically. 

Galaxy A05s (4/128GB) would’ve cost you Rs 43,100 before. But the latest price cut from Samsung dropped it down to Rs 36,500. That’s a much more sensible price for people to consider it. And we also learned that 6/128GB is now available at Rs 39,999 (dropped from Rs 47,000). Those are brave, massive discounts.

It’s specs seem far more reasonable now that we all can buy it for less than 40k. A05s does speedy animations at 90Hz. That PLS 6.7” screen uses a bottom-heavy panel and a U-notch but maintains just as much elegance. We like that they didn’t cheap out on the resolution. A05s will be a high-def 1080p experience.  

Snapdragon 680 behind the scenes does the heavy lifting. Up to 6 GB RAM is there to assist. 128 GB is the maximum storage volume you’ll get with this one. Also, you won’t have to be conservative with the new Samsung 4G model battery. A 5000 mAh energizer does fine to keep it going a whole day. Plus, it’s 25W rechargeable, so nothing to complain about.

A side fingerprint reader is there if you are super conscious about privacy. A 50 MP + 2 MP + 2MP config camera lives on the back. And we know the front shooter is capable of 13 MP selfies. Galaxy A05s will be much more acceptable at the price it’s at now. 


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