Oppo Find X3 Pro Wins the Red Dot Award for Its Gorgeous Product Design

Faisal Rasool

In a recently published press release, Oppo celebrated a Red Dot product design award it received for its latest Find X3 Pro flagship. The love-it-or-hate-it design direction that the brand took with the Pro variant of the Oppo Find X3 is undoubtedly unique. Not just in its perfect mirror finish but also its camera island and shell chiseled from a single block.

For our readers unaware of the Red Dot awards, it’s an international competition for product design, communication, and concepts. The entries range from automotive to electronics, commodities, and even building and construction. 

The Red Design jury received thousands of submissions and considered futuristic designs from over 60 countries. OPPO Find X3 Pro came out among the winners of the Product Design 2021. 

"Channeling the spirit of exploration, we crafted Find X3 Pro — an exquisite work of art designed to add more beauty to every moment. We are honored to have our efforts recognized by the Red Dot Design Award jury, international champions of design-excellence,” OPPO President of Global Marketing, Lie Liu notes.

Oppo has carved the whole Find X3 Pro body from a single sheet of glass and glazed it with porcelain. It shifts in striking aesthetics depending on how the light hits its ceramic-like mirror finish on the Oppo new model 2021. The whole build is toughened with an IP68 water and dust rating and Gorilla Glass 5.

The manufacturer also layered the Oppo Find X3 Pro with a subtle anti-glare finish. The opacity against the glass-ceramic blend is precision-leveled at 85%. It’s frosted, duo-tone, and satin to the touch. You can pick from Gloss Black, White, and Blue shades.


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