Infinix Hot 40i (8/256GB) & Smart 8 Plus (4/64GB) will Now Cost More in Pakistan

Usama Rasool

Not only Tecno, but Infinix is caught in the cross hairs too. Those onset tax changes are to blame for these sudden price surges in Pakistan. Infinix Smart 8 Plus (4/64GB) was Rs 24,000 before today. That price tag has officially changed to Rs 26,999. 

For another phone, the Infinix Hot 40i (8/256GB), you should know that the price is no longer Rs 32,000. It has jumped to Rs 36,999. Read their mini-reviews here and decide if they still keep their values, when their prices have soared to such levels.

Infinix Smart 8 Plus

This one has got more expensive (by almost Rs 3,000). A Helio G36 is in there, in charge of the unit. 6000mAh battery is the power source you are getting here. 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM aren’t half bad for a phone like this. And there’s 18W fast charging.

Its rear design is as modern as it comes. But we can’t say the same about the front part, though. There’s a 6.52” IPS, 600 nits brightness, and HD+ resolution, nothing fancy. 8 MP is working the selfie magic for you photogenic folks.  

That rear camera piece is on a squarish bump. And props to the design as well. 50MP lens for the primary unit, and the secondary one is auxiliary 0.08MP. Android 13 is doing the heavy lifting on the soft side. And there’s a tasteful custom skin on top we call XOS 13. 

Infinix Hot 40i

Its price is up by Rs 4,000. Hot 40i is not that different, by the looks of it. They both even share the displays. 6.52” IPS at 90Hz, doing 720p resolution. And there’s 600 nits brightness here. Not too shabby for the old price, but not very considerable after today. 

Helio G88 is the chipset here. And that says a lot about its performance. 8 GB RAM is great, and no one can complain about 256 GB storage, even at that new price. 5000mAh battery is standard and does 18W charging. 

Of course, 50 MP resolution is plenty at the price. But this one will surprise you with a 32 MP selfie cam on the front. Then, there’s a fingerprint reader on the side. Android 13 OS is a year old but keeps up. And the skin comes together nicely with their custom XOS 13.               


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