Xiaomi Redmi 13 4G in the Making; Leaked with Specs, Colors, and Expected Price

Usama Rasool

Redmi is making another phone befitting of an entry-level status. It is to succeed the old Redmi 12 4G. And, predictably enough, they are calling it 'Xiaomi Redmi 13 4G.' Iterative name, no doubt. But we hear the specs are changing dramatically with this one. Paras Guglani pointed those out in a leak.

Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Pearl Pink, and Yellow. Those are the colors Redmi came up with for this one. Flat mesh and two camera silos out back make it look more minimal than before. And where you would typically see a single LED flash. There is now a ring LED. 

Its front panel is the same old story of a punch-holed 6.79" LCD doing a quick 90Hz refresh rate. A fat chin and uniform apposing bezels are the norm of every budget phone right now. So why should this one be any different? But there is a saving grace for Redmi 13 in its cameras.

It looks like the Xiaomi budget latest mobile does 108 MP shots with its first rear camera. Budget phones don't usually have that very often. You can tell the design is more cohesive in the renders. It's probably because of the glass-back finish.

Guglani also says that there's a Helio G91 SoC inside it. And up to 8GB of RAM will cover the performance side for people. And yes, the battery charging is 33W here. That's another uplift from the old generation. The cost of Redmi 13 4G will supposedly start at €199 (~PKR 60,000). It's for the starter 6/128GB option. 


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