Xiaomi Redmi 13 4G Full Feature Round-up Leaks Before the Official Unveiling

Usama Rasool

There's still some time before it's official. But you might as well start calling the Redmi 13 4G a budget king right now. It's because it will have the pricing of a low-specced phone. But its hardware is totally on the premium side. And it does all kinds of fancy stuff, like 108 MP photos from the back. Also, 33W fast charging from USB C.

And you can't overlook its ability to pull 1080p resolution out of that 6.79" 90Hz IPS screen. Leaks have piled up quite high in these last few weeks. We managed to extract many credible details from them. There's now a full roster of its specifications we can show you.

Redmi 13 5G and Redmi 13 4G, being siblings and all, look alike and perform alike in many areas. The screen that we mentioned before is a good example of it. They both have the front in common. But what about its back? That 4G option confirmed has a 108 MP rear shooter. But we can't confirm or deny if that also exists in the 5G option.

Back to the topic at hand! Redmi 13 4G will be using a Helio G91 behind the scenes. That's a 4G limited engine, and this phone will give users a 6GB or 8GB RAM option to go with it. And we should also mention the potential 128GB or 256GB ROM that you may see with the new 4G Xiaomi mobile.

Battery charging will be quick if these leaks pan out. 33W charging x 5000 mAh battery is the power configuration of Redmi 13 4G. This one will be a big highlight for them because Redmi 12 only had 18W. And the base Redmi 13 4G might be around USD 216 (~PKR 60,000).


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