Vivo Y200 5G & Y200 GT Teasers Dropped; The Landing Page Reveals Design and Details

Usama Rasool

The Vivo Y200 series is still growing, if you can believe it. It already has three models: Vivo Y200, Y200e, and Y200i. But apparently, three is not enough. Two more phones will soon pile on to an already stuffed family. Teasers about it are going official now. And it seems they are preparing new phones for release in their hometown (China).

We get the first look at Vivo Y200 GT and Y200 5G via the video ads they just dropped. Y200 5G, compared to the Y200 before, looks like a battery upgrade with a 6000 mAh cell. The design also is new and improved in some ways. Two days' runtime with such a phone is possible.

That battery bank has an 80W charging kit running power into it. The original was 44W, so the bump-up is huge. And what's not to love about vegan leather finishes and bright orange skin? There are two more colors: Black and white. But the vegan leather one will fly off the shelves way quicker than those two.

We haven't even begun talking about the Vivo Y200 GT. In the tech industry vernacular, GT almost always means better. And so goes the Y200 GT with Adreno GPU and Snapdragon 7 Gen 3. 1.5k displays are quickly becoming a thing now. The latest 5G Vivo mobile also has that feature locked in. 144Hz refresh rate will make the phone worthy of its GT moniker.

GT has a cleaner design. And a less intrusive branding makes it look more sophisticated/premium. Like Y200 5G, the GT also gets a 6000 mAh x 80W cell. The changes seem to exist in the camera topology and specs. But that's yet to reveal itself. Vivo Y200t, a third model, may also be coming, but there's not enough info yet to cover it.


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