Samsung Galaxy S23 Series TPU Cases Revealed Showcasing the Camera Designs

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S lineup will crossover to the globe soon. Ahead of the launch, the rumor mill is hard at work, busting out the lineup's obscured details almost daily. Moments ago, a new leak appeared, sharing pictures of the S23-series' transparent TPU phone cases revealing the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus' footprint and design.


Ice Universe, the industry's well-versed tipster, shared the images of the oncoming trio's TPU cases on his Twitter handle. Recently leaked CAD renders show the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the former S22's frame, while the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus have no camera bumps this time. The shots of cases shared by the leaker further reinforce the no-camera-bump theories.

Looking at these pictures, it's self-evident that Samsung plans to discard camera bumps on its non-ultra phones. The new design makes perfect sense since the Ultra S23, rumored to rehash the S22's appearance, doesn't have a camera bump either. The "protruded lenses on the chassis" look will equally encapsulate the S23 series.

In a previous report, Digital Chat Station discovered the latest Samsung 5G mobile, Galaxy S23's battery capacity, which will stash 200mAh more than the last-gen S22's 3700mAh. The improvement sounds inconsequential, but the unannounced, often-used Qualcomm flagship chips on S-series can translate it to hours' worth of screen on time.

 Not only the vanilla S23 but the whole lineup expects bigger batteries and the latest Qualcomm chips. Additionally, Ross Young revealed the lineup's color palette last week. On his Twitter handle, the leaker claimed that the Galaxy S23 phones would only showcase four colors Beige, Black, Green, and Light Pink. 


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