Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Avails Beta Program for Android 14 x OneUI 6

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung has kicked off the long-awaited One UI 6 beta program, treating users of the Galaxy S23 series to an early taste of Android 14. The Korean tech giant has made an official announcement regarding the release of the beta version to Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra users. Here’s everything you should know.

The beta rollout currently seems limited to South Korea, the US, and Germany, with no official word yet on when it will expand to other regions, including Asian markets. Those residing in eligible countries can participate in the Beta via Samsung Members app. 

A banner within the app will invite them to join the beta program to test Android 14's new features; however, users are to anticipate potential stability issues and crashes, given the beta's developmental nature.

One UI 6 introduces a fresh visual design, notably incorporating a new default font style and an enhanced Quick Panel. These refinements gear towards making frequently used features more accessible. A particularly noteworthy inclusion is the default presence of the brightness control bar in the Android 14 version. Unleash your inner trendsetter with Samsung's captivating smartphones, all priced to captivate your senses and fit your budget. The Samsung smartphone price is an invitation to indulge in innovation


Samsung has also revamped its quick settings panel, now accessible by swiping down from the upper right corner of the screen. As with any beta release, users should expect some rough edges and unfinished aspects, as the beta version is intended for testing and feedback purposes.

While the One UI 6 beta may not offer the polished experience of the final release, it presents an exciting opportunity for tech enthusiasts to preview the upcoming Android 14 update and contribute to its refinement. In-depth information about One UI 6 will have to wait until the beta program extends to more regions.


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