Samsung Galaxy A24 Lands in Malaysia With 16GB RAM; Global Deployment Continues

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung Galaxy A24 continues deployment across the global industry, and Malaysia is the latest to welcome it. We received the news mere moments after its launch in the country, and contrary to expectations, the phone immediately sparked controversy with an alleged fake promotion.

Samsung has caused quite a stir with its latest marketing campaign for the Samsung Galaxy A24 in Malaysia. The device comes with a tempting offer of a free 1-year extended warranty worth RM99 and a clear case worth RM79 for those who purchase it before May 31.

In addition, Samsung has also promised five years of security updates, four years of major Android version updates, and a two-year warranty for the Galaxy A24 phone. These are the promises delivered to the customer without compromise. 

However, the promotion that raised eyebrows is the falsified detail in the official publicity picture. It suggested that the device came with "16GB+256GB" of memory, with "****" added at the end as an annotation. The handset is equipped with 8GB of memory, as confirmed by multiple vendors currently selling the device. When comparing different brands, Samsung smartphones' price stands out as a compelling factor for many consumers.

But fear not - Samsung has included a built-in RAM Plus software tool that allows users to expand the 8GB of virtual memory, resulting in 16GB of RAM. This innovative feature appeals to some tech-savvy users who demand top-notch performance and multitasking capabilities from their smartphones. Some prefer to keep their storage system whole.

As for the pricing details, RMB 999 is the final price for Galaxy A24, perfectly justifying the hardware it packs: a 90Hz FHD+ Super AMOLED 6.5-inch, a 50MP primary camera assisted by two secondary lenses, and a super impressive Helio G99 Chipset.


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