Samsung Galaxy A12 Beats iPhone to Become the Most Shipped Phone of 2021

Faisal Rasool

Despite the tremendous hype and marketing centered around Samsung's flagship smartphones, the tech giant's bestsellers belong to the affordable Galaxy A-series. For instance, the Galaxy A52 has been one of the most popular smartphones in recent seasons. And another Galaxy A model was the most shipped phone in 2021. The budget-friendly Galaxy A12 sold more units than Apple's iPhone line.

Courtesy of the analyst firm Omdia, we learn that 51.8 million units of the Samsung Galaxy A12 were shipped in 2021 alone. It is roughly 10 million units more than the iPhone 12 and 17 million more than the iPhone 13. 

Although the rankings are dominated by Apple's premium phones, another cheap Samsung made it into the top ten. Samsung shipped 18.3 million units of the entry-level Galaxy A02. The Xiaomi Redmi 9A, which falls into the cheapest sub $100 bracket, was another popular choice.

The A12 has already been replaced by the Samsung latest A13 model. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro Max sitting in 7th position, is the most expensive phone on the list (with an average starting price of $1324.)

This year, Samsung has upped the ante with their new generation of Galaxy A phones. The recently-announced Galaxy A53 and A33 are the most ambitious mid-rangers Samsung has ever released. If they can recapture the appeal of last year's models, we might see the Samsung Galaxy A13, A53, and A33 climb the rankings for 2022.


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