OPPO Reno 7 Series is Soon Debuting Globally; Oppo's Slimmest, Most Premium Reno Phones Yet

Faisal Rasool

Oppo dropped the Reno 7 series, the latest iteration of the Reno line, in December last year. It was introduced as a China-exclusive then. But the series is slated for its global debut soon carrying flagship Oppo phone prices. Official channels have teased the features and named a date for the launch event. 

The New Reno series features the OPPO Reno 7, the Reno 7 SE, and Reno 7 Pro. We expect all three models to show up at the launch scheduled on February 4. The Reno 7 phones will first land in India. And head to other markets from there. 

Once again, the big highlight of the new Reno series is its design. The signature ‘Reno Glow’ aesthetic returns but with a subtle twist. The AG glass is finished with a blend of matte and glossy textures. Oppo used an advanced laser etching technology (typically reserved for printing circuit boards) to create the fine textures. As a result, they give the impression of a long-exposed starry trail. Plus, the etchings make the casing fingerprint-resistant. 

The Reno 7 series is also the brand’s slimmest yet. At 7.45mm, the OPPO Reno 7 Pro feels comfortable in hand. The flat, sharp aluminum frame presents a trendy look and contributes to the lighter 180g weight. The camera housing is surrounded by LEDs that produce a soft glow when you get notifications.

But perhaps the most striking design change is seen on the front. Oppo has pushed the bezel further back. It dramatically reduces the chin on the Reno 7 Pro. Not to mention, make the bezel weight almost even and uniform all around. You can pick from elegant Blue, Black, and Rose Gold shades. 

Oppo promises flagship-grade portrait photography. This year, support for 5G is offered across the board, powered by MediaTek and Qualcomm chips. But the chipsets are often switched when these phones are released outside China. We’ll learn more at the February 4 event.


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