Oppo Reno 12 Series Lined Up for International Debut Soon; Specs Leaked Entirely on X

Usama Rasool

There’s an Oppo Reno 12 series coming. And it seems they are officially jumping into the AI scene with it like all others. Oppo Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro are both waiting to debut internationally. But in the meantime, some formal teasers are building up the hype for them in the real world. We saw a leak yesterday that said the global and the Chinese series have different specs. 

Sudhanshu Ambhore tipped away the specs of those global variants. And when we compared them to the Reno 12 series launched in China some time ago. We found some rather intriguing results. There aren’t multiple changes, as some of you might be thinking. But the one disparity they decided shoves it behind one or two classes in performance.

Reno 12 in China has a Dimensity 8250 chip, and Reno 12 Pro in China has a Dimensity 9200+ star speed edition. That’s up there with most flagship phones we see in the market. But the leak says Global Reno 12 and 12 Pro must have MediaTek Dimensity 7300-Energy. That’s too odd a choice for a processor class. Some would even say distasteful. But oh well!

Those rest of the specs are looking spiffy, though. They have used a 6.7” AMOLED for them at 120Hz. Resolutions are 1080p, and the brightnesses are up to 1200 nits. Their selfie cameras are great also, at about 32 MP each. But back cameras on the Oppo latest flagship mobile are noticeably different. So, pen them down in your brain.

Reno 12 has a triple-cam mesh out back. 50 MP shooter (Sony LYT-600) is the headliner and does OIS. Then there’s an 8 MP ultrawide for you. That last one is a 2 MP (Macro). Reno 12 Pro is better in that department and throws an extra 50 MP telephoto in for fun.

And that leaves us with power, software, and charging. Siblings are covering their first category with 5000 mAh cells. The Pro one has 80W SuperVOOC supporting it. But that non-Pro has only a 45W PD standard. AI Eraser 2.0, AI Studio, AI Smart Image Matting 2.0, AI Portrait Retouching, and AI Clear Face, are all part of their AI suite in Color OS 14.1.


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