Oppo Reno 12 Lineup Released Globally; Dimensity 7300 Energy Chips, 50MP Cameras, 80W Charging

Usama Rasool

We called it ahead, didn’t we? Oppo Reno 12 Global series is out now with a MediaTek Dimensity 7300 Energy chip at the hull. That means internet predictions were sound. You are looking at the same Oppo Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro they stationed in China a month ago but swapped the chipsets. But is it better or worse for it? You can judge that yourself by reading on. 

Oppo Reno 12 Pro

Here’s a breakdown for the Pro. 6.7” OLED at about 93% screen/bezel ratio. They call it Infinite View Screen, doing 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh, and 1200 nits brightness. Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is on there for durability. And do you know what its thickness is? Max 7.45 mm and 181 g weight.

Those insides are inferior to other flagships. And that MTK Dimensity 7300 Energy isn’t doing it any favors when we know the Chinese model has Dimensity 8250. Cut to the lower class is a shame, but the RAM and ROM live up to our expectations. So, props for a 12 GB and 512 GB starter combo. 

Reno 12 Pro is a camera juggernaut in a sense. This phone is hauling three 50 MP shooters. There’s one called Sony LYT-600 OIS 50 MP first camera. And the 8 MP ultrawide 112-degree sensor helps it. One of those three is a 2X 50 MP telephoto. And the selfies it snaps are from a Samsung JN5 50 MP front shooter.

‘Tap into AI’ was a worthy tagline, it turned out. AI Eraser 2.0, AI Clear Face, AI Best Face, AI Smart Image Matting 2.0, AI Studio, and so many other things are there to make life easier. 5000 mAh battery x 80W charging we approve. At least for its starter price. Reno 12 Pro is about Euro 599 (~PKR 179,000).

Oppo Reno 12

You can call Reno 12 a semi-curved model. 6.7” OLED 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate are the same. It is almost as great as the Reno 12 Pro’s, ‘almost’ being the keyword. At least it does have a Gorilla Glass 7i and 1200 nits brightness to level it out. 

It’s the same story on the performance side of things. MediaTek Dimensity 7300 Energy SoC, 12 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage does the trick for Reno 12. Cameras on the back: 50 MP alpha unit + 8 MP ultrawide + 2 MP Macro lens. Then there’s a 32 MP selfie cam frontside.   

Those AI features you read early. Reno 12 has the same party tricks. Android 14 is their home OS by default. Reno 12 does up to 80W max input speed for a 5000 mAh battery like the Pro, among other stats. This one has a starter 12/256 GB option. It’s a little low, but that costs around Euro 499 (~PKR 149,000).


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