Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 Series Phones Are Coming Back, Reports a European Publication

Faisal Rasool

To put Nokia back on the map, HMD has been rebooting a classic feature phone every year, like clockwork. They brought the iconic Nokia 3310 back to life and relaunched the Nokia 2720 Flip last year. Tracing that trend, HMD is reportedly working on reviving two classic Nokia phones - - Nokia 6300 and a new model inspired by the Nokia 8000 series. 

It's a simple but effective marketing strategy. These feature phones aren't meant to compete or sell based on their features, but purely for the novelty and nostalgia factors - - as evident by their relatively high prices.

Every time a classic Nokia phone is rebooted, it makes waves on the Internet, and big major publications give it headlines. Simply put, they generate buzz. And this media attention is everything a resurrected brand like Nokia needs.

Back to the upcoming phones themselves, the alleged Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 were featured on a European mobile carrier's catalog. published the leak, detailing that both phones support 4G. If this support is any guide, the duo will be yet another addition to HMD's "smart” feature phone lineup - - powered by KaiOS and the Google assistant. That's all the details the source gives us. 

To recount the original models, the Nokia 6300 was one of the most unforgettable Nokia designs. Back in 2007, it was a classic high-end phone. It was made of entirely out stainless steel, making it near indestructible. There were volume rockers on the side and a humble 2MP VGA camera on the back. The 8000 series, on the other hand, featured premium luxury phones with slide-out builds.

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Limited edition models were often crafted from exotic materials - - titanium, sapphire, and even Gold. The new Nokia 8000 4G seems to take inspiration from this series since there wasn't a model named Nokia 8000. This also makes it difficult to say if the remake will adopt these durability standards or the premium quality craftsmanship, but we should have our answers soon (the phones might launch in the weeks that follow).


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