Huawei Mate V in Works; Meet Huawei's Next Possible Inward Folding Smartphone

Faisal Rasool

Aside from Motorola's Razr, Huawei and Samsung are the only major smartphone manufacturers with novel folding phones in their portfolios. Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X unfurl into a tablet-like form factor, each with its own build. Where the Fold collapses in on itself to become your average pocketable smartphone, the Mate X (and its Xs edition) spreads outwards to change into a tablet. But Huawei has plans to catch up with a tablet-to-phone, Samsung-style folding device of its own, as per a report from Let’sGoDigital.

Speculation had suggested that Huawei’s next generation of folding phones will be called Mate X2. Contrary to this, the company trademarked the name Huawei Mate V with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

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The reports circulating on the web add that the moniker ‘V’ could be a guide to the phone’s build, which looks like a book half-way closed. 

Courtesy of LetsGoDigital, we were able to acquire the design patent which Huawei filed for a similar device back in April. As per the renders attached, you’re looking at a tablet-sized main screen, which folds in on itself to reveal a secondary display and four cameras — including a square-shaped one, very much like a periscope module.

Our readers who have been following the Galaxy Fold 2 story might also find other similarities in design elements — similarities that apparently extend to the specifications of this next-gen folding phone expected at a flagship Huawei price point. Case in point, the display is rumored to operate on a 120Hz refresh rate, in the same vein as the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Fold 2.

It might be too early to comment, but 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for flagship-grade folding devices with hardware that goes neck-and-neck with standard flagship smartphones.